Why a climate emergency?

Declaring a climate emergency promotes focus, accountability, leadership, impact and a commitment to scientific evidence and honesty.

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Business 4 Climate action – B4CA is a collective of business owners from the Scenic Rim and surrounds who have a concern about the climate crisis and who want to do something proactively about it as a united group.

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Join us!

You can act on climate change by signing this pledge. As a business within the Scenic Rim Region, you recognise that continuing the climate inaction trajectory as usual, is not going to provide me with the business environment to thrive.

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What is Business 4 Climate Action Doing?

Business 4 Climate Action is working towards creating the change that will allow my business and future generations of businesses in the Scenic Rim Region to succeed and be sustainable.

We are holding business breakfast information sessions in the community on how your business can take action on the climate crisis.

Next Steps…

What can you do? Is your business concerned about the effects of climate change that we are experiencing now and into the future? We invite you to join the B4CA local business response to the threat of climate change.